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Jobs and vacancies

We need good people

We're constantly on the lookout. If you're bright, driven, love challenges and want to change the world, Touchnote could be good for you.  Send us your CV.  

If you want to make an ever better first impression, send us a postcard to: Team Touchnote, 17-19 Bonny Street, London, NW1 9PE, United Kingdom.


  • Recruiters? Kindly see our note below.  None of our roles are currently open for recruiters, thank you. 


A little about Touchnote

We're the world's most popular postcard-sending service.

We started in 2008 in London and have since sent over 4 million postcards worldwide.  Our apps and website have been featured in the world's leading press, in Google Play and iTunes, and on grandparents fridges worldwide.  

Our mission is to become the app used by everyone to share real, printed photos with loved ones - surprises that brighten people’s days and help keep loved ones close. Check our app reviews or our Facebook Page to read our users’ feedback.

Our app is available on the iPhone, iPad, Android mobiles and tablets and


A bit about working at Touchnote

We have a sometimes crazy, always fun environment. We’re a small team and we get a lot done - everybody knows what each other are working on and trying to achieve.

We enjoy fresh coffee every morning (at least), and sit together for a delicious (free) team lunch every week. Everyone has plenty of private desk space with large monitors, plus, at most times, a quiet enough environment to be able to focus and achieve flow.

We're based in a brand new office in the heart of TechCity, 2 minute walk from Old Street and Shoreditch High Street stations, with plenty of great cafes and restaurants nearby.


Our interview process

Finding remarkable candidates takes a lot of effort.  This is the process we normally follow:

1) CVs: We review hundreds of CVs every month.   We look for track record building great products or achieving great things.  We focus on quality rather the quantity.  We give special attention to apps you worked on, and to your academic and extra-curricular experience.

2) Phone screening interview:  This is a 10-15 minutes phone interview where we will try to establish your level of technical knowledge, from the very basic to the more complex.

3) Face to face technical interview:  This is a 60-90 minute face-to-face (or over Skype / Facetime if you're not living in the UK).  It covers all technical subjects and normally includes 1-2 code tasks.

4) Code task: After the technical interview, we will leave you with a code task to work on in your free time.  It normally takes about an hour to complete, but we will give you 24 hours to return it so you have an opportunity to really shine.

5) Group conversation:  Final stage!  This is an opportunity to meet the entire team and a chance for the entire team to meet you.  We want to learn why you want to join Touchnote, to let you ask us any questions you may have, and to learn more about you, your passion and how can we help you achieve your goals at Touchnote.


How to apply for any postition

Send your CV, a portfolio if appropriate, and links to your digital footprint to



Note to recruiters

We're always happy to receive CVs from recruiters who meet our quality and ethics requirements. Here are the ground rules we ask you to follow:

  • Do check if the role is open for recruiters.
    If it states "not open for recruiters" then please do not send us candidates.

  • Do not call our office.  
    We are just too busy designing and developing beautiful apps. When you call us you interrupt us, which means our apps don't look as amazing, which means customers may not like them as much, which means we won't be able to grow our business, which means we won't be able to hire more people, which means the job you are just calling us about may not be relevant any longer.  So, please do not call our office.

  • Do email  
    Any question, CV or anything else will be duly answered.

  • Do not send us your T&Cs.  
    We work on standard, identical terms (fees for contract and perm roles, rebate period) with all recruiters.  We will share our terms with you when you email us for the first time.  To be explicit, your terms are not deemed to be accepted by us, upon introduction of a candidate, engagement of a candidate, or by us authorising you to commence work on an assignment.

  • Do include full details about the candidate, including CV, list of published apps and expected salary.

  • Do not email other addresses (unless you're replying to an email thread).  It makes our lives much harder tracking CVs and coordinating between team members.  We do check and we do answer when we see a relevant CV.

  • Do check the spelling of your emails and of our private names.  We think only remarkable recruiters can place remarkable candidates.  Typos and names' mispelling is not remarkable.

  • Do send us a postcard.   It will make our day, and when you email us we will know you are actually interested in what we do.

  • Do send us CVs of remarkable people.  We want to hire the best talent and happily partner with recruiters that can help us do that.