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Hugmail - looking after our Grandparents

We spent a lot of time over summer year talking to many of you. Postcard senders from all over the world - German mothers, English-early retirees, New York hipsters, Australian photo junkies and many more. 

You gave us a huge amount of input - some specific feedback about how to improve the experience, and some really telling comments on why you send postcards. Today we're very proud to announce the launch of a new service called Hugmail that addresses one of the biggest reasons to use this service - sending messages to family that doesn't live a digital life.

Hugmail - making it easier for us to stay in touch with our Grandparents. For us - who live and breath digital everyday (err, including you who are reading this blog!) - we all really should spend more time with our grandparents, saying "hi", asking them about their day. We know how much they value a phone call, a visit, a small present.

Hugmail is all about celebrating the little things that bring joy and happiness to people’s lives - we believe that postcards can play a central part in that.


- Available today on web, iOS and Android

- Part of the Touchnote family of services - all helping you to manage your relationships better

When was the last time you showed one of your our older relatives that you care?



- Will Touchnote still continue?   
Hell yes. Touchnote will continue - and we're still obsessing about how to help you send the best photo postcards possible

- Will Hugmail be awesome?
Err, yes

- Why is the app not available outside the UK?
We've decided to kick off Hugmail in the UK only - it's all about our company ethos of focussing on only a few things, and absolutely doing everything we can to be absolutely the best at them. Hence, for now, Hugmail is focused on UK customers.

- Can I use my Touchnote credits on Hugmail?
You can't use your Touchnote credits with Hugmail, but we can transfer your credits for you. Just email us on