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Cookies and Touchnote

A bite-sized introduction to cookies

Cookies are small encrypted text files that are stored on your computer or other device when visiting a website.

Cookies were designed to remember things that you have done on that website in the past, which can include putting things in your basket, logging in, or clicking on links. They make it easier to use a website.

Cookies are not dangerous. They are not computer programs and cannot be used to circulate viruses.

Most cookies have a limited life-span, meaning that they expire after a specified number of days. If you only visit a website once, the cookies that it stores will eventually become redundant.


Cookies are helpful to:

·         Keep a record of the products you've put in your basket for next time you visit

·         Remember your preferences

·         Find out what the website doesn't do well and make improvements to it in future

·         Allow you to share things with social networks like Facebook

·         Help us to provide customer support

·         Monitor which of our advertising is effective

·         Help us avoid our website being overloaded by too many users at once


If you have any questions, big or small, please contact us and we’ll be very happy to help.


Which cookies does crunch?


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