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Help and FAQs

We've pondered and mused and attempted to conceive of every possible question that you might have about Touchnote. If we've not managed to address your question in the reams of information below, please get in touch.



How are greeting cards printed?

Greeting cards are printed on thick, glossy card and are posted in premium ivory envelopes. We’ve spared no cost to make sure that our greeting cards look fantastic.


How are postcards printed?

Postcards are printed on thick, high-quality card and have a high-gloss finish to ensure that they are resilient to damage.


How long does it take to for Touchnote to dispatch a card?

We guarantee that any card will be printed and posted within one working day of your order being placed.


How do I see the status of my card?

Sign in to your Touchnote account and check your "postbox”. Each card that you have sent will have its status indicated.

How long will my postcard take to arrive?

Delivery times vary depending on the local postal system and the accuracy of the address provided, but in our experience, the cards should take the following times to arrive:

USA - 1 to 4 working days
UK - 1 to 3 working days
Australia - 1 to 4 working days
Germany - 1 to 3 working days
Western Europe - 2 to 4 working days
Rest of the World - 2-3 weeks


How long will my greeting card take to arrive?

Our greeting cards are printed and posted from the UK. Delivery times vary depending on the local postal system and the accuracy of the address provided, but in our experience, the cards should take the following times to arrive:

UK - 1 to 3 working days
USA - 2-3 weeks
Western Europe - up to 1 week
Australia - 2-3 weeks
Rest of the World - 2-3 weeks


On which days do you post cards, and where from?

We print and post cards from Monday to Friday (unless there is a Public Holiday).  The cards are printed and posted from our printing facilities in the USA, UK, Germany or Australia (depending on where the cards are being sent) and are always posted using 1st class mail.


Can I track my card?

It is not possible for us to track the cards after they have been posted. If your card hasn’t arrived within the expected time frame, please check that the address was correct and please get in touch with us.


Are my cards being placed in envelopes before they are sent?

If you ordered a greeting card, yes. It will be sent in a premium, ivory envelope. We send postcards in the traditional way: photo on the front, message and address on the back, and with no envelope.


Where can I send cards?

You can send Touchnote postcards to any country with a functioning postal system.


What do I do if my card hasn’t shown up within the expected time?

Get in touch and tell us the order number of your missing card. We will confirm the date your card was posted and if it hasn’t arrived within the expected time frames we will resend it for you, free of charge (of course).


Making a card

What are credits and where can I get them from?

Credits are used to purchase Touchnote cards. A postcard = 1 credit, and a greeting card = 2 credits.

You can buy credits through your app or at

If you just want to send one or a small number of cards, you can pay for these credits only after making your card.


Can my card be anonymous?

It’s up to you. Your name will only be included on your card if you add it. We will not automatically include your name or address on any part of the card. If you are using the Touchnote app to send a postcard, you can choose to include a map showing where you are sending from. Again, this is up to you to add.

If you have plans to become someone’s secret admirer (please, no stalkers), go for it and send an anonymous card.


Do my photos have to be a certain size?

Yes they do. Photos should be at least 432 x 306 pixels in order to be of good enough quality to make a card. If your image is smaller than this it will look grainy on the printed card.   

If you click on your photo and select properties you can see the resolution. Once you have uploaded your photo you can resize and rotate it. This means you can use both portrait or landscape photos. Have fun!!

To ensure we print at our maximum resolution (300dpi), we recommend that you use photos of at least the pixel sizes listed below.


What size are the postcards?

14.8cm x 10.8cm, or 5.83 inches x 4.25 inches, including a white border. Pixel size is 1629 x 1161.


What size are the greeting cards?

15cm x 10.8cm, or 5.91 inches x 4.25 inches. Pixel size is 1819 x 1335.


Can I get text printed in other languages with non-Latin characters?

We support all languages that flow from left to right.

Unfortunately we don’t currently support languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu.


Does Touchnote retain any rights to the photos that I upload?

We do not. Your photos belong to you.  We store them in your account so that they are easy to be re-ordered, but only you will be able to re-order these images. Your photos are safe with us!


What happens if I share my postcard on Facebook?

When you send a card, and are signed in to Touchnote using Facebook, you can choose to share the image from your postcard on Facebook. If you do so, we'll publish your card on your Facebook wall with the name of the person you're sending it to. Your friends get to see your lovely postcard.



Prices and payment


How much do credits cost?

Credits are used to purchase Touchnote cards. Single credits start at £1.49, $1.49 €1.49, or can cost as little as 99p or 99c when buying in bulk, depending on your location. 

You can buy credits through your app or at


How much does a postcard or a greeting card cost?

A postcard = 1 credit, and a greeting card = 2 credits. The prices include postage to anywhere in the world.

If you buy credits in bulk the price per card goes as low as 99p or 99c per credit.  To buy credits in bulk and get the best deals, visit our Credits page.


What to do if I want to pay for one card only?

You can start creating your card and you will be able to pay for it at the end of the order completion.  


Are my credit card details saved on the site?

If you wish it, PayPal will store your credit or debit card information securely to enable you to purchase your next order more easily.  However, Touchnote does not store any of your financial data – we leave it to the experts.


Which currencies do you accept?

We accept British Pounds (GBP), Euros (EUR) and US Dollars (USD).  The currency we charge you in is dependent on your billing address.

Please note that if you have credit in your account you will not be able to change currency (please contact us - we can change it for you).

Are there discounts for bulk orders?

Discounts apply if credits are purchased in bulk. There are several options:

  * 5+1 pack - if you purchase 5 credits you get 1 for free.

  * 15+5 pack - if you purchase 15 credits you get 5 for free.

  * 35+15 pack - if you purchase 35 credits you get 15 for free.

  * 50+25 pack - if you purchase 50 credits you get 25 for free.

Click here to purchase a credit pack.


Can I get a refund if my postcard arrives damaged, is really late, or if I just don’t like it?

Of course you can.  If you are not happy in any way, please let us know and we will do everything that we can to fix this. Please get in touch.


Do I have to pay by debit card?

No. Credits can be purchased via PayPal, a credit card or a debit card. We don’t currently accept payment from Discover, AMEX or Maestro cards.


Are my debit card details safe?

You bet.  PayPal, the market leader for internet and mobile payments, manage all of our payments.  If you’ve got any concerns, please let us know.



Touchnote accounts

How do I sign up for an account?

You can sign up for an account either at on your PC/Mac, our mobile app or our Facebook app.   The sign up process will take just a few seconds.


Do I need to have an account to send a card?

Yes.  This allows us to offer you the best service possible.  Signing up for an account takes a matter of seconds.


What if I forget my password?

You can request a new password at the signing in stage, both on the website and the mobile app.


Can I upload addresses using an Excel or CSV file?

If you plan to send a large number of cards (minimum 250 cards), we can help you upload the addresses from an Excel or CSV file.  Email for more details.


Can I save addresses that I use?

Addresses used on the website and in the app are automatically saved in your account.  You can access addresses saved to your account from the website and from the mobile app.


Can I view my orders?

In “postbox” you will find a list of all of the previous orders you have made (and the photos and designs you have used).

    You can see:    

    - The date the order was made; and

    - The order ID

    - For all iPhone and iPad users, you will only be able to see your order history from the point that you created your account on your device.


What if I want to cancel my account? Will all my details be erased forever?

If you would like this to happen, please get in touch with our customer service team.