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Apple Cards, what does that mean for Touchnote?

Apple (you might have heard of them) today announced that they have decided to follow Touchnote into the mobile postcards market. They also released a new phone.

New CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, wasn't available to talk to us, but we were able to get an exclusive, considered quote from co-founder Raam Thakrar of Touchnote:

“We know how important it is to print photos and share photos so that they can be treasured. It seems others are realising this, too. But, wow, their cards are pricey.”

In a more sober vein, it's hard to know how to react when a big player moves into your industry, some of our thoughts are:

- it's flattering and exciting to have your business validated

- it's also scary when that 'validation' is from Apple

- we’ve been doing this since 2008, having sent cards to over 200 countries and territories.

- when a big company gets involved in activities that aren't its core focus, there's no guarantee that they'll make a good job of it

- our print and delivery is second-to-none, despite our cards being half the price of Apple

- our iPhone app remains excellent (have you tried the latest version)?

- we're pre-installed on all major Sony Ericsson Android devices

- we love iPhones, but not everyone is on them. Touchnote also happen to have a most excellent Android app and a website

- we've got some fantastic new features on the way for all our apps (but they're very secret)

We're quietly optimistic about what the future holds for Touchnote. Even with Apple trying to take a bite.

Apple Cards Announcement

I have been a customer of Touchnote for a while and the first to admit that I am not the biggest customer. I do however feel it's important to feed back on great service. The last card I sent via Touchnote was greatly appreciated by the recipient, it is also reassuring to hear a compliment regarding the quality of the card and image as you do not neccesarily see what has been sent. I am also an Apple customer, I have been since the dawn the Ipod, my experience of customer service with Touchnote is more than a match for the famed Apple service in my opinion. Good luck for future and keep up the good work.

The future is bright for Touchnote

We've all seen Apple's very own photo printing service which allows creation of those magical photo albums but it turns out that I haven't ever heard anyone using it. Its like Justin Bieber's perfume or a Prada mobile phone. The future is bright for Touchnote!

I love TouchNote. I wish I

I love TouchNote. I wish I discovered this earlier on. Sending pictures via e-mail is too impersonal. Sending TouchNote postcards provide better inter-personal connection, next to actually printing and hand writing the note yourself. I would like to express my support for TouchNote. BTW, I have an Android phone.

Good luck guys!