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Henry Reichhold's Nokia exhibition

For all you camera mobile phone buffs, a new exhibition has just opened at London's Heathrow airport, showcasing photographer Henry Reichhold's latest work. With some images the size a bus (!), it presents inspiring photography from the famous cities of Dubai and Mumbai, all taken with a Nokia N86 mobile phone camera.









Taken over the course of eight days in November 2009, the images present contrasting images of the slums of Mumbai and the fabulous wealth of Dubai. These cities were chosen as Henry believed that the locations would really test the potential of the N86 8MP. Mumbai in particular was the photographer's favourite location because of the fantastic mix of colours available.

To create the panoramic shots, Henry used between 10 and 100 images which he then merged together. He says that some images took a matter of minutes to finish whereas others took months.

Our view - this is a totally interesting project as not only does it showcase good photography but it also challenges the preconceptions made about mobile phone cameras. It's also quite weird (cool?) to have an exhibition like this at LHR T5.

Find out more at until May 2010.

Its almost mamas day!

Don't forget who taught you your manners on Sunday 14th!

It's time to celebrate that special lady we all call mum as Mother's day is just around the corner.

Mums are not looking for expensive or flashy things from their children to tell them how wonderful they are. Creating a personalised card full of sentimental worth is a great way to say how much you care. Just use an old photo or one of our beautiful Mother's day images and make a unique card that your mum can cherish forever. We guarantee she will love the effort and thought that you have gone to.

Here are some beautiful new Mother's day card designs we have added to our gallery.





























So get cracking you've only got one mum, make sure you spoil her!


Our inspiring artist Raj Pattini

"For me painting is almost a revelation in itself and the revelation continues as I explore my own self through this realm."








Every week we get a number of artists, illustrators and photographer's offering to enrich our image gallery with their work. This week our favourite artist is Raj Pattini, a truly talented woman who's work can be described as abstract, warm and dynamic, perfect for creating beautiful mother's day cards.














Raj grew up in Tanzania and Kenya and it is obvious from her work that much of her inspiration comes from living in such beautiful, colourful locations. Amazingly her talent is self taught, a talent that obviously comes naturally and instinctively to her.

Raj feels that art is a natural thing to do, she believes that painting is almost like another part of her senses and that it was her time spent in the beautiful and wild environs of East Africa that helped to form her style. She finds that each turn and twist of her brush and each stroke of colour allows her to possess the power to capture figments of her imagination and bring them to life on canvas.

Her favourite image is the Golden Elephant as seen below, which is an important part of Hinduism, representing, luck, strength, wisdom and fortitude.













Raj continues to paint and we look forward to seeing more beautiful and inspiring work from her in the future.

Till next time!


Cherishing your memories



With mother's day coming up soon, lots of us have been looking through our old photos and reminiscing on good times. We all know how much our photos mean to us so it is important that we look after them, as no matter what, old prints fade. And although digital photos may stay fresh, they are only just one technical hiccup away from oblivion.

So, I have put together a few handy tips that may save you from some lost photography tears.

What do I do with my old photos?

Replace your albums. High humidity may have already ruined your pictures therefore, you will need to buy albums which have pages that are acid-free and adhesive-free and then just make sure to store them in a cool, dry place.

Scan your old photos. By scanning your old photos you can bring them back to life, all you need to do is:

1. Scan your photos
2. Open the scanned picture within an image-editing program
3. Fix the picture by adjusting the colour and increasing the contrast
4. Crop out dead space
5. Increase the saturation and sharpness to make the image more vivid
6. If the colour is still very faded, just convert the photo to black and white
7. Finally, save the edited image as a new file

What to do with your new photos?

Print your favourite new ones, and back everything up. You can store your pictures:

1. On your computer's internal hard drive
2. On an external hard drive
3. Burn DVDs of your images

It's that easy and honestly, you will feel a lot better once you have done it!

Good luck!


Inspiring photography


Image from India


There are so many fantastic photographers providing us with great exhibitions at the moment, that it is so difficult to choose which one to visit. The photography exhibition “Where three dreams cross” however reveals very interesting and beautiful works that are definitely worth seeing.

The exhibition gives an inside view of modern India, Pakistan and Bangladesh through the lens of inspiring photographers. It showcases photography from Indian-run photographic studios that were established in the 19th century and tells the story of photography’s development in the subcontinent with over 400 works brought together.

Topics such as social realism and reportage of key political moments in the 1940s, amateur snaps from the 1960s and street photography from the 1970s can all be found, as well as first time seen private familial images. The photographs also incorporate a mix of digitalization to offer a more contemporary feel in the modern art world.

So if you feel like going, the exhibition will continue till the 11th April.

You can check it out on the website:


Superhero special delivery service - saving lives

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Touchnote saves the day

Too busy, can’t decide, or just plain forgot? Whatever the reason for the delay, you haven't prepped for Valentine's Day. And unless you can come up with something quick, you may end up spending the night all alone.

But not to worry, Touchnote is here to save the day. We now offer guaranteed next day Special Delivery* within the UK, as well as special delivery to the rest of the world.

This means you really can get the card there “tomorrow” if you need to. Hopefully this will keep you all out of trouble.  All “special delivery” items are trackable anywhere in the world.

We hope this makes life easier. And leads to many happy endings.


Share in our success and promote Touchnote on your website


How it works

As a member of our affiliate programme, you can earn unlimited commission. When you refer a visitor to Touchnote from one of your links, and they place an order, you earn up to 15% commission. Even if they don't make a purchase on the first visit, any made within 30 days will earn you commission.

Benefits include

- Earn 15% unlimited commission on invoiced sales
- 30-day cookie – commission is earned up to 30 days after their first visit
- We handle the orders, deliveries and payment – all you need to do is send us visitors
- It's easy – we provide you with all of the tools you need. You can choose the images and links for your site and access online sales reports
- Status – you will be associated with a trusted, established online name known for quality
- Visibility - with reports available to you at any time, you can check sales and commission earnings, see which links are working best and optimise the program to maximise your revenue

Affiliate Management

The Touchnote affiliate programme is proudly run by 7thingsmedia Affiliate Management on the Commission Junction affiliate network. Founded by experienced affiliate manager, Chris Bishop, 7thingsmedia is the industry-defining digital marketing agency.


If you have any questions or comments regarding the Touchnote Affiliate Programme please email; for latest news on the programme follow our Touchnote affiliate blog.

Start earning commission now

Apply to the Touchnote affiliate program on the Commission Junction network.

Site revamp for Touchnote

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Photo of postcards sunning on the beach


We are extremely excited to announce that we have just launched our brand spanking new Touchnote site.

This has been a long time coming. There ‘s some new functionality available that will allow you to create some really original card designs.  There really is no limit to your creativity now.

We’ve also worked hard on designing an ‘easy on the eyes and mind’ site layout. Just to make your Touchnote experience that much simpler and pleasant.

We are also excited to announce that there is a new product available, the Touchnote Greeting Card! A really beautiful, glossy card perfect for those special occasions. 

We hope to take your card making to another level. So get ready for it.

We can’t wait to hear what you think!

The Touchnote team

Why choose Touchnote?

We're reliable

- Once we receive your order we promise to process it within 24 hours so that it is sent the next working day.
- All our cards are sent by first class post.
- We check the quality of each card. If it's not good enough, we print it again.

Our customers love us

- Users voted us the must-have Nokia Ovi entertainment app in 2010.
- Take a look at the comments on our homepage.

The critics love us

Mobile Industry Review blogger Ewan MacLeod saying that Touchnote is why his wife wants an iPhone.
- Our most recent TechCrunch piece.
We won the Mobile Beat award in San Francisco.

We care

- We want you to enjoy using Touchnote. If you don't, let us know and we'll do our best to make you happy.
- We care about the environment. All our cards are chlorine-free and come from a mill accredited with ISO 14001 environmental management standard.

Touchnote mobile

The latest, wonderful Touchnote postcard-sending apps can be found here.

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